Five Towns

Five Towns framed photograph


Originally painted in early 2015, ‘Five Towns’ is now available as a limited-edition run of 10 giclee prints.

Painted in Mike’s familiar style, using indian ink on cartridge, each of the five towns consists of a landscape and a detail element, the city centre of each. Painted at the same time as ‘Industry’, the piece marks an examination of world building techniques and fictitious landscapes.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.


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Meteo Geo

Close up shot of Range from Meteo Geo


The Meteo Geo Series is the latest set of mixed media prints by Mike Staines based on geological, geographical and meteorological textures and formations. 

Created between November 2015 and February 2016, this series is offered as A3 and A4 archival prints, limited to a set of 10 per size per print, and numbered and signed by the artist.  

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The Meteo Geo Series

About Mike Staines


Photo Robert Harper 2015.

Mike Staines (born 1980) is a fine artist, creative technologist and immersive designer working in the digital field. Having founded the digital agency in 2000, Mike has gone on to evolve the original business into HUB of which he is a founding partner and Chief Technology Officer.

Specialising in experiential design and mixed media, Mike specialises in the use of Indian ink and watercolour, choosing science fiction and world-building content, as well as geographic stimulus, as subject matter.

Mike is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, a Non-Executive Director at the educational software business, School Explained, and an Executive Director of the API Management consultancy, FuseAPI.